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Looking for a truly authentic distressed look to add heritage and history to your home? Then try the Hand-Scraped® Collection!

Each plank is hand-sculpted, one at a time and bears the name of the proud Amish craftsman who created it, bringing you a unique custom floor of timeless originality and distinction.

Beautiful homes deserve beautiful floors. At HomerWood® we let nature customize your floor. Our Character Grade® solid hardwood flooring contains both clear and character planks that reflect all the best attributes of the natural wood. The result is exquisite flooring with a smooth, satin finish that brings stylish elegance to every room!

In every detail, inside and out, your home reveals so much about you, what's important to you, what you cherish, and how you live, that's why HomerWood® offers you the opportunity to express your own individual style with our custom flooring choices.

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